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声磁系统好于射频系统么? Q: Is the acoustic magnetic system better than the RF system?
声磁系统(Acoustic Magnetic,AM),是利用音叉原理产生的共振现象,实现几乎零误报的操作。 A: Acoustic magnetic system (AM) is a resonance phenomenon generated by the tuning fork principle, which realizes almost zero false alarm operation. When the frequency of the transmitted signal (alternating magnetic field) is consistent with the oscillation frequency of the acousto-magnetic tag, the acousto-magnetic tag is similar to a tuning fork and will cause resonance, ... [Details]
服装如何防盗,服装防盗标签怎么用啊? Q: How to prevent clothing theft, how to use clothing anti-theft labels? What does a clothing anti-theft system do?
服装防盗系统的组成: 1.防盗天线,服装防盗门,服装防盗器; 2、服装防盗标签,分为软标签和硬标签; 3、开锁器用于解掉衣服上的磁扣的.去掉衣服上的防盗标签。 A: The components of the clothing anti-theft system: 1. anti-theft antenna, clothing anti-theft door, clothing anti-theft device; 2. clothing anti-theft tags, which are divided into soft tags and hard tags; Anti-theft label on clothes. Clothing anti-theft system workflow ... [detailed]
为什么要安装服装防盗器 Q: Why install a clothing anti-theft device?
商品防盗系统的作用(1)防止失窃伊泰特伦防盗系统改变以往人盯人人看货的方式,它以高科技的手段赋予商品一种自卫能力,使安全措施落实到每一件商品上,彻底有效地解决商品...[详细] A: The role of commodity anti-theft system (1) Preventing theft Italitlen anti-theft system changes the way people watched goods in the past. It gave high-tech means to self-defense capabilities and implemented security measures to each piece On the goods, completely and effectively solve the goods ... [detailed]
RFID服装智能门店应用哪家公司做的比较专业? Q: Which company is more professional in RFID clothing smart store application?
伊泰特伦射频技术(上海)有限公司成立于2000年,是一家以EAS和RFID技术为主导的安防产品和行业解决方案的高新科技企业。 A: Italitron RF Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. It is a high-tech enterprise with security products and industry solutions led by EAS and RFID technology. The company has won the Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation Project and the National Patent Certificate for many times ... [Details]
什么是条码防盗标签? Q: What is a bar code anti-theft label?
声磁系统有软硬两种防盗条码标签,保护商场内大多数种类商品。 A: There are two types of anti-theft bar code labels, hard and soft, to protect most types of goods in the mall. Acoustomagnetic systems include different types of standing systems, channel systems and hidden systems, which can be widely used in department stores, supermarkets, specialty stores, audiovisual stores, grocery stores ... [Details]
RFID技术的应用 Q: Application of RFID technology
1、 物流:物流过程中的货物追踪,信息自动采集,仓储应用,港口应用,快递。 A: 1. Logistics: Cargo tracking, automatic information collection, warehousing application, port application, express delivery in the logistics process. 2. Retail: real-time statistics of product sales data, replenishment and anti-theft. 3. Manufacturing industry: real-time monitoring of production data, quality tracking, automated production ... [Details]
RFID技术如何应用到服装行业? Q: How is RFID technology applied to the clothing industry? What solutions can solve the time-consuming and inefficient problem of warehouse inventory management?
RFID标签与商品信息绑定形成唯一码,也就是每件衣服都有一个唯一的识别码。 A: The RFID tag is bound to the product information to form a unique code, that is, each piece of clothing has a unique identification code. Then use RFID reading equipment to complete the quick inventory and receipt and delivery functions of the warehouse. In terms of inventory alone, all products with RFID tags in the warehouse are ... [detailed]
超市防盗系统,射频和声磁区别,国内常用的是那种? Q: What is the difference between radio frequency and acoustic and magnetic systems in supermarket anti-theft systems?
1、 传统的射频(RF)系统虽整体采购成本较低,但是整个卖场的防损率只能达到30-40%,对于金属,锡箔、铝箔包装物品,因射频设备的原理局限性而不能达到防损要求而对于声磁(AM)...[详细] A: 1. Although the traditional radio frequency (RF) system has a lower overall procurement cost, the loss prevention rate of the entire store can only reach 30-40%. For metal, tin foil, and aluminum foil packaging items, due to the limitations of the principle of radio frequency equipment, Can not meet the requirements of loss prevention for sound magnetic (AM) ... [detailed]
RFID技术对零售业有什么帮助? Q: How does RFID technology help the retail industry?
RFID技术是未来零售业发展的大势所趋。 A: RFID technology is the general trend of the development of the retail industry in the future. In summary, it can bring these benefits. 1.Improve inventory efficiency, strengthen the accuracy and immediacy of inventory management, and lay the foundation for omni-channel retail. 2.Improve overall logistics and store work efficiency and save manpower ... [Details]
RFID技术如何应用在服装智能门店上,其整体解决方案基本原理是什么? Q: How is RFID technology applied to smart clothing stores? What are the basic principles of its overall solution?
RFID是一种射频识别技术,被认为21世纪最具商业发展潜力的技术之一。 A: RFID is a kind of radio frequency identification technology, which is considered to be one of the technologies with the most commercial development potential in the 21st century. The industrial application of RFID has included all walks of life, including sanitary industry, high-end consumer goods anti-counterfeiting traceability, campus public safety, enterprise asset management, etc., clothing industry ... [Details]
RFID是什么? Q: What is RFID?
A:RFID是Radio Frequency Identification的缩写,即射频识别,俗称电子标签。 A: A: RFID is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification, namely radio frequency identification, commonly known as electronic tags. ...[detailed]
什么是RFID技术? Q: What is RFID technology?
A:RFID射频识别是一种非接触式的自动识别技术,它通过射频信号自动识别目标对象并获取相关数据,识别工作无须人工干预,可工作于各种恶劣环境。 A: A: RFID radio frequency identification is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It automatically identifies the target object and obtains related data through radio frequency signals. The identification work does not require manual intervention and can work in various harsh environments. RFID technology can identify high-speed moving objects and ... [detailed]
RFID的分类 Q: Classification of RFID
A:RFID按应用频率的不同分为低频(LF)、高频(HF)、超高频(UHF)、微波(MW),相对应的代表性频率分别为:低频135KHz以下、高频13.56MHz、超高频860M~960MHz、微波2.4G,5.8G RFID按照能源的供给方式分...[详细] A: A: RFID is divided into low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF), ultra high frequency (UHF), and microwave (MW) according to the application frequency. The corresponding representative frequencies are: low frequency below 135KHz, high frequency 13.56MHz, UHF 860M ~ 960MHz, microwave 2.4G, 5.8G RFID is divided according to the way of energy supply ... [Details]
什么是RFID的基本组成部分? Q: What are the basic components of RFID?
A:标签(Tag): 由耦合元件及芯片组成,每个标签具有唯一的电子编码,附着在物体上标识目标对象; 阅读器(Reader): 读取(有时还可以写入)标签信息的设备,可设计为手持式或固定式;...[详细] A: A: Tag: It consists of a coupling element and a chip. Each tag has a unique electronic code, which is attached to the object to identify the target object. Reader: Read (sometimes can also write) tag information Equipment can be designed as handheld or fixed; ... [detailed]
RFID技术的基本工作原理是什么? Q: What is the basic working principle of RFID technology?
A:RFID技术的基本工作原理并不复杂:标签进入磁场后,接收解读器发出的射频信号,凭借感应电流所获得的能量发送出存储在芯片中的产品信息(Passive Tag,无源标签或被动标签),或者主...[详细] A: A: The basic working principle of RFID technology is not complicated: after the tag enters the magnetic field, it receives the RF signal from the reader, and uses the energy obtained by the induced current to send out the product information (Passive Tag, passive tag) stored in the chip. Or passive tags), or the main ... [detailed]
是什么让零售商如此推崇RFID? Q: What makes retailers respect RFID so much?
A:据Sanford C. Bernstein公司的零售业分析师估计,通过采用RFID,沃尔玛每年可以节省83.5亿美元,其中大部分是因为不需要人工查看进货的条码而节省的劳动力成本。 A: A: According to retail analysts at Sanford C. Bernstein, Wal-Mart can save $ 8.35 billion annually through the use of RFID, most of which are labor costs saved because it does not require manual review of incoming barcodes. Although some analysts believe that ... [detailed]
RFID说明 Q: RFID instructions
A:满足国际ISO15693、ISO18000-6B、EPC G2等多种标准,采用不同的天线设计和封装材料可制成多种形式的标签,如车辆标签、货盘标签、物流标签、金属标签、图书标签、液体标签、人员门禁...[详细] A: A: Meet various international standards such as ISO15693, ISO18000-6B, and EPC G2. Different antenna designs and packaging materials can be used to make various forms of labels, such as vehicle labels, pallet labels, logistics labels, metal labels, Book tags, liquid tags, personnel access ... [Details]
RFID读写设备 Q: RFID reader
A:只有当有读写设备时,RFID才能发挥其作用。 A: A: RFID can play its role only when there is a read-write device. RFID read-write devices include RFID card readers, RFID read-write modules, etc. At present, YW-201 and YW-601U and YW-601R are relatively cost-effective on the market. These devices can read or write RFID data, and ... [Details]
什么是EAS? Q: What is EAS?
A:EAS是电子商品防盗系统(Electronic Article Surveillance)的简称,它是一项用于检测非法物品流动的理想识别技术,是店铺实施开架式销售必配的安防产品,是现代化零售业的标志性设备。 A: A: EAS is the abbreviation of Electronic Article Surveillance. It is an ideal identification technology for detecting the movement of illegal items. It is a security product that must be equipped for open-frame sales in stores. Iconic device. ...[detailed]

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